Kinver Electric Vehicle Show

Kinver High School Enville Road, Kinver, United Kingdom

1:30–4:30pm, Sunday 9th June 2024, Kinver High School Are you thinking of going electric?   Or have you already taken the plunge, and are happy to share your experience so far? We’re planning an EV day in June, to bring together local people who drive or ride electric vehicles (both cars and bikes); and people who want to find out more. It’s a chance to find out from people in the community, asking them why they bought into electric; what the reality of travel is with an EV; and busting some of the myths surrounding them. No sales people – just sharing experience. We’ll have displays of info, and some short talks by our EV owners, covering topics such as: What it’s like to drive/ride one Running costs Range/charger anxiety Charging on the go/charging networks EV tariffs Fitting a home charger So, If you already own an electric car or bike, and would be willing to bring it along, show it to others and share your experience, please get in touch. … and if you haven’t yet got an EV but want to know more – save the date.